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The Sweet Water Ranch Inc.
A California Nonprofit
501(c)(3) Public Charity

Candi & Apache

Saving Lives One At A Time....
We are committed to helping animals have a better life

We have a wonderful program for assisted home / barn euthanasia. 
This is a fund that we except donations specifically for this purpose only. In these hard financial times even the most committed animal caretakers can fall short in times of need. We are here now to assist and pay for your home / barn euthanasia. Supporting a peaceful and humane crossing for Horses & Farm animals. We have a team of Vets on hand that will perform this with compassion and Love. Please help us to make this journey peaceful for so many deserving animals by donating today. This program applies only to animals in Southern California. 

We are proud for the last 10 years to be networking with L.A. Animal services through their New Hope Program. If you are looking  to adopt an animal let us assist you, visit our adopt today page.

Our Rescue Office


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