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Somethings  just can't be Un-Seen

Take just one minute and send your representative a message to end horse slaughter now. 

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HSUS Investigates Horse Slaughter Exports
The last equine slaugherhouse in the United States finally shut down, but American horses continue to go to slaughter across our southern and northern borders in record numbers. Take action now to ...


From thePasture to yourPlate!!!

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From the Pasture to your Plate
Footage captured on July 13 & 14, 2011 at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation in St. Andre-Avellin, Quebec. This is the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's 4th investigation documenting the inherent, in...


Meet Baby Jazz

Rescued from slaughter 2009
Now she is SWR's Mascot. Now Living a full & beautiful life


In Memory of the Fallen Angels
that were slaughtered

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Horse Slaughter in the US Today.wmv
This is a persuasive video advocating the end of horse slaughter. It is not for the sensitive, but rather for the ones who are not convinced that the end of horse slaughter is the solution.


From the Stable to the Table in 7 Days

What happens when Race ponies don't win anymore


Meet Animal Angels
Investigations and reports on animal slaughter and acts of cruelty

A scared horse in transport to the slaughter house in Mexico

Take just one minute and send your representative 
a message to end horse slaughter now. 


View undercover footage of an actual
slaughter house in Canada
Stop the torture now !!!!

Still Images of Actual Slaughter
Somethings just can't be  un-seen

Don't let these animals die in vain.
Contact your local representatives

Help to stop the slaughter
of America's 4 legged Treasures.

Over 150,000 American horses were
brutally slaughtered just last year


Horse Meat
Production Levels
worldwide as of 2009
* Includes Donkeys *

Country   /  Tons per year
Mexico    78,000
Argentina    57,000
Kazakhstan    55,000
Mongolia    38,000
Kyrgyzstan    25,000
Australia    24,000
Brazil    21,000
Canada    18,000
Poland    18,000
Italy    16,000*
Romania    14,000
Chile    10,000
France    7,500
Uruguay    8,000
Senegal    9,500
Colombia    6,000
Spain    5,000

Meet your Meat ..........
Farm Animal Cruelty exposed

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Concealed Cruelty - Pork Industry Animal Abuse Exposed
A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation provides a shocking look into one of the nation's largest pork producers -- Iowa Select Farms in Kamrar, Iowa. At this factory farm, mother sows and th...

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